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Food Manufacturing and Processing

Nowhere else requires such high standards of hygiene and quality control as the food manufacturing and processing industry. Any contamination as a result of pest activity is totally unacceptable and a robust pest management program is essential to protect public health and the reputation of the business itself. From raw material storage to packaging and dispensation of the finished product. A service contract with Pestsafe provides peace of mind and complete protection .

Key Features and Benefits of a Pestsafe Service Contract

  • Documented inspections can substantiate the defence of “Due Diligence” under the Food Safety Act 1990
  • Regular and detailed inspections reduce the risk of pest activity
  • Monitoring for rodent activity, stored product insects and other pests avoid preventable problems
  • Service delivered to a fully costed and agreed specification
  • Supports compliance with Quality Systems
  • Protects reputation and brand image