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Cafes Restaurants and Bars

Owners of bars, cafes and restaurants must ensure the food they serve is fit for consumption and their standards of hygiene meet stringent legal requirements. Under the “Food Safety Act 1990” it is an offence to sell substandard food and adequate procedures must be in place to control pests. Working together, a Service Contract with Pestsafe provides peace of mind that your business has complete protection and meets the high standards set by the U.K. Food Industry.

Key Features and Benefits of a Pestsafe Service Contract

  • Documented inspections substantiate the defence of “Due Diligence” under the Food Safety Act 1990
  • Regular inspections reduce the risks associated with pest activity including closure notices and prosecution
  • Protects image and brand reputation
  • Indicates to staff, customers and enforcment officers that you take food hygiene seriously
  • Contibutes to a cleaner and safer working environment
  • Reduces the risk of disease, damage and stress associated with rodent and insect pest actvity
  • Compliments the “Scores on the Doors” food hygiene scheme